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Yannis Markopoulos – Who Pays The Ferryman? (1978) – Lp

Yannis Markopoulos (born 18 March 1939) is a Greek composer. He manifested his interest in music early in life — by age eight, he was playing the mandolin.













Artist:  Yannis Markopoulos
Title:  Who Pays The Ferryman?
Year:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  PYE Records
Catalog#  REB 315

Who Pays the Ferryman? was a television series produced by the BBC in 1977. The title of the series refers to the ancient religious belief and mythology of Charon the ferryman to Hades. In ancient times it was the custom to place coins in or on the mouth of the deceased before cremation so that the deceased could pay the ferryman to go to Hades.
The eight episodes were written by Michael J. Bird and its success propelled him into being a major screenwriter. He’d used his knowledge of Crete, where the series is based, incorporating local history and folklore. Helped by stunning scenery, the serial became a success when transmitted on BBC1 in 1977.
This is the soundtrack of this tv serie “Who Pays the Ferryman” what was a hit in 1978.


Side one
1.  Who Pays The Ferryman?  (2:40)
2.  Shadows Of The Moon  (3:14)
3.  Annika’s Theme  (6:35)
4.  Fanfare For Charon  (2:40)
5.  Thalassa (The Sea)  (3:20)

Side two
1.  Rebel Minds  (3:20)
2.  The Canyon  (3:55)
3.  Angel With A Gun  (3:15)
4.  Minoic Dance  (3:18)
5.  Erofile  (2:36)
6.  Matala  (2:47)

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