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Water – Damburst (1976) – Lp

Water – one of the most underrated Dutch groups. Was formed in 1974 by former keyboardist Sandy Coast Ron Westerbeek.













Artist:  Water
Title:  Damburst
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Vertigo Records
Catalog#  9286575

The structure includes Andre Bleeker (guitar), John Lagrand (harmonica, ex-Livin ‘Blues), Pieter Voogt (drums, ex-Ekseption and Continental Uptight Band), Jan van Dijk (flute), Boris Farberow (bass) and Debbie Wokaty (vocals). The band released two albums, the second of which “Damburst” was recorded with the help of Chris White Ex-Zombies.
They were mixed in their sound funk, tropical sound and light symphonic rock. It is incomprehensible, but the group did not receive recognition in the ’70s and quickly collapsed. This mixture Earth & Fire, Galaxy-Lin and Carmen deserves a higher position in the history of Dutch pop music!
Got a lot of pleasure listening to these guys …
Damburst – album, which tells of the struggle between man and nature. Beautiful, quiet, not wrapped prog. The group includes former musicians proto-progressive group of the 60s «The Sandy Coast». In the group of musicians play the harmonica, which is quite unusual for progroka.
Also, they include a harmonica player, unusual for a prog band. The gentle flute playing, churning string-synths and sustain-filled guitar-solos on tracks like “Sail away” remind me mostly of Camel.
There are also some more mainstream rock pieces, but they aren’t really offensive enough to make me skip them, though most of them aren’t especially exciting or distinctive. The vocals are occasionally memorable, resembling Roger Daltrey on “Damburst II” by Mike Ohman.


Side one
1.  (What Happened To) Your Dreams  (3:35)
2.  The Whisper Of Doom  (1:02)
3.  Damburst (Part I)  (2:10)
4.  Feeling’s Real  (5:52)
5.  Up The Ladder  (4:45)
6.  Message (Don’t Break Me)  (4:55)

Side two
1.  Aggression  (2:45)
2.  Water  (3:51)
3.  Sail Away (Books You Never Read)  (5:09)
4.  The Last Seagull  (4:21)
5.  Damburst (Part II)  (3:10)
6.  It’s Over  (4:43)

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