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Trio was a German band, formed in the small German town of Großenkneten in 1980. The band is most noted for the song “Da da da, ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht, aha aha aha” (usually simply “Da Da Da”) which was a hit in 30 countries worldwide. Trio was part of the Neue Deutsche Welle (or NDW); however, the band preferred the name “Neue Deutsche Fröhlichkeit”, which means “New German Cheerfulness”, to describe their music.

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Artist:  Trio
Title:  Trio
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  6435158

At that time, as now, popular songs were based on extremely simple structures that were ornately produced. Trio’s main principle was to remove almost all the ornamentation and polish from their songs, and to use the simplest practical structures (most of their songs were three-chord songs). For this reason, many of their songs are restricted to drums, guitar, vocals, and just one or maybe two other instruments, if any at all. Bass was used very infrequently until their later songs, and live shows often saw Remmler playing some simple pre-programmed rhythms and melodies on his small Casio VL-1 keyboard while Behrens played his drums with one hand and ate an apple with the other.

Say what you will about the German trio called Trio, but “Da Da Da” remains one of the most memorable songs to emerge from the ’80s. It was so memorable, it enjoyed a new lease on life in the late ’90s when used in a Volkswagen commercial. Although first heard in the U.S. on the Trio & Error album (which compiled tracks from the band’s first two German releases), this is the album that spawned that glorious hit and thrust Trio into the brief spotlight of fame. Sung mostly in German, this album isn’t the perfect place to start for the casual listener (buy Trio & Error if you want a good starting point), but for music fans, this is a quirky and enjoyable listen. Trio performs simple, basic, and stripped-down rock & roll, which is neither punk nor new wave. Vocalist Stephan Remmler‘s droll voice may irritate some, but it’s always remained one of the lovable charms of Trio. Most of the tracks are more basic than “Da Da Da,” consisting only guitar, voice, and drums. And there is little to no bass here, although legendary bassist Klaus Voorman produced the album. Other popular party favorites here include “Broken Hearts for You and Me,” “Nasty,” “Kummer,” “Energie,” and “Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone.” If you’re looking for the band’s new wave side, you won’t find much here. This is raw and real rock & roll played with a quirky sense of humor that certainly crosses the language barrier.


Side one
1.  Da Da Da I Don’t Love You  (3:23)
2.  Achtung Achtung  (0:30)
3.  Ja Ja Ja  (2:57)
4.  Kummer  (2:38)
5.  Broken Hearts For You And Me  (3:33)
6.  Nasty  (2:38)
7.  Energie  (3:30)
8.  Los Paul  (2:32)

Side two
1.  Sabine Sabine Sabine  (3:46)
2.  Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone  (3:48)
3.  Nur Ein Traum  (3:04)
4.  Ja Ja Wo Gehts Lank Peter Pank Schönen Dank  (2:50)
5.  Ya Ya (2:15)
6.  Danger Is  (2:14)
7.  Trio  (0:31)

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