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Talk Talk – It´s My Life (1984)

Talk Talk were an English new wave band, active from 1981 until their breakup in 1992.  Although the band only experienced moderate success in their native country, they established some international success. Talk Talk moved away from synthpop towards more experimental music in the mid-1980s, helping to pioneer what became known as post-rock.












Artist:  Talk Talk
Title:  It´s My Life
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI Records
Catalog#  1A064-2400021

After an unremarkable debut, Talk Talk regrouped and refashioned themselves more in the style of sophisto-era Roxy Music while developing their own voice. It’s My Life shows a great leap in songwriting, the band making highly personal statements with a sexy, seductive groove and a diversity that transcends the synth pop tag. Synthesizers still play a dominant role, but the music is made far more interesting by mixing “real” instruments and challenging world music rhythms seamlessly with the technology. Still pulling off the catchy single (like “Dum Dum Girl” and the title track, as well as the simply sublime “Does Caroline Know?”) on It’s My Life, Talk Talk also proved themselves capable of achieving a cohesive album — a rare feat for the time and an unexpected surprise from a band that seemed to be simply a bandwagon-jumper.

The cover to the album was produced by James Marsh, incorporating elements of The Boyhood of Raleigh by John Everett Millais.


Side one
1.  Dum Dum Girl  (3:48)
2.  Such A Shame  (5:37)
3.  Renée  (6:20)
4.  It’s My Life  (3:52)

Side two
1.  Tomorrow Started  (5:56)
2.  The Last Time  (4:22)
3.  Call In The Night Boy  (3:45)
4.  Does Caroline Know?  (4:35)
5.  It’s You  (4:41)

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