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Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra (1982) – Lp

The Steve Miller Band is an American rock band formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California. The band is led by Steve Miller on guitar and lead vocals. It is best known today for a string of (mainly) mid-1970s hit singles that are staples of classic rock radio, as well as several earlier acid rock albums.












Artist:  Steve Miller Band
Title:  Abracadabra
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  6302204

Abracadabra is the twelfth studio album by American rock band Steve Miller Band, released in June 1982

Steve Miller was always catchy and tuneful, but he never turned out an unabashed pop album until 1982’s Abracadabra. This isn’t just pop in construction, it’s pop in attitude, filled with effervescent melodies and deeply silly lyrics, perhaps none more noteworthy than the immortal couplet “Abra-Abracadabra/I wanna reach out and grab ya.” Those words graced the title track, which turned out to be one of his biggest hits, and if nothing else is quite as irresistibly goofy as that song, there still is a surplus of engagingly tuneful material, all dressed up in the psuedo-new wave production so favored by AOR veterans in the early ’80s. All of that may not make this one of Miller‘s definitive albums, especially in the view of hardcore space blues heads, but it’s pretty damn irresistible for listeners who find “Abracadabra” one of the highlights of faux-new wave AOR.


Side one
1.  Keeps Me Wondering Why (3:43)
2.  Abracadabra (5:10)
3.  Something Special (3:35)
4.  Give It Up (3:35)
5.  Never Say No (3:37)

Side two
1.  Things I Told You (3:15)
2.  Young Girl’s Heart  (3:33)
3.  Goodbye Love (2:53)
4.  Cool Magic (4:23)
5.  While I’m Waiting (3:26)

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