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Shannon – Let The Music Play (1984) – Lp

Shannon Brenda Greene (born May 2, 1958), better known by the mononym Shannon, is an American recording artist and singer of high energy and dance-pop music and songwriter. She is best known for her million-selling record single “Let the Music Play.” She is considered the “Queen of High Energy.”












Artist:  Shannon
Title:  Let The Music Play
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Ariola Records
Catalog#  206173

Let the Music Play is the debut studio album by American dance and freestyle singer Shannon. The title track (originally called “Fire and Ice”), written by the team of Chris Barbosa and Ed Chisolm, became a massive hit, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 1 on the Billboard dance chart.

Shannon wasn’t a great singer-as far as dance divas go, she didn’t have the chops of Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston, Claudja Barry, Donna Summer or Loleatta Holloway. Shannon was merely a competent singer, but a competent singer who sometimes had great material and great producers to work with. And thanks to the production team of Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa, Shannon‘s debut album, Let the Music Play, has a lot going for it. Liggett and Barbosa give the album an attractive, high-tech sound, and some of the songs that Shannon embraces are excellent. Released in late 1983, the haunting title song went down in history as a dance-floor classic-and club gems like “Give Me Tonight” and “My Heart’s Divided” (both of which Barbosa co-wrote) are almost as strong. Shannon successfully ventures into pop-rock territory on “One Man,” although she isn’t very convincing on the ballads “It’s You” and “Someone Waiting Home”-ballads and slow jams were never her strong point. But for the most part, Let the Music Play underscores Liggett and Barbosa‘s ability to make Shannon sound good.


Side one
1.  Let The Music Play  (3:34)
2.  Sweet Somebody  (4:41)
3.  Someone Waiting Home  (4:34)
4.  Give Me Tonight  (6:05)

Side two
1.  My Heart’s Divided  (4:27)
2.  It’s You  (4:02)
3.  One Man  (3:45)
4.  Let The Music Play (Re-Mix)  (6:03)

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