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The S.O.S. Band – Just The Way You Like It (1984) – Lp

The S.O.S. Band (sometimes written SOS Band; abbreviation for Sounds Of Success) is an American R&B and electro-funk group who gained fame in the 1980s.













Artist:  The S.O.S. Band
Title:  Just The Way You Like It
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Tabu Records
Catalog#  TAB 26058

Just the Way You Like It is the fifth album released by the R&B band The S.O.S. Band on the Tabu label in August 1984. It was produced mostly by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis with additional production from the band themselves.

The band returned to the studio after Jam and Lewis were fired from The Time by Prince after being grounded in Atlanta, Georgia due to a blizzard. As a result, the duo ended up working with The S.O.S. Band again for their next album, Just the Way You Like It. According to Jimmy Jam, the album’s title track was inspired by the Southern food chain Waffle House, as he and Lewis were frequent visitors of the restaurant. The duo noticed the company’s slogan at the front door and were inspired to write the song. At the time, the song was done at the request of Avant as well as Tabu’s then-distributor Epic Records, who wanted a single that was similar to their previous hit for The S.O.S. Band, “Just Be Good to Me“. The song only had a backing track with no lyrics and remained unfinished until Jam and Lewis grabbed a bite to eat.

Another single on the album, “No One’s Gonna Love You” was Jimmy Jam’s favorite song on Just the Way You Like It as well as his favorite song overall by the band. He acknowledged the influence the song had on UK bands like Loose Ends and 52nd Street as well as it being sampled extensively since the song’s initial release.

Jam and Lewis’ previous works with Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal served as the catalyst for their duets between male and female singers. The duo enlisted group member Abdul Ra’oof to sing lead with Mary Davis again- this time for the song “Weekend Girl”. The song was inspired by the concept of couples whose work life took up more time than one’s personal life to where the couple could only see each other on the weekend.

While most of the band members were present for the Jam and Lewis sessions, lead singer Mary Davis showed up alone to record her vocals for the song “Break Up”. Although Jam and Lewis were the sole writers credited on the first half of the album’s songs, Jimmy Jam mentioned the band were fully involved in the creative process. He also noted that group members Jason Bryant and Abdul Ra’oof were the ones responsible for most of the ideas and vocal arrangements. The album was recorded and mixed at Master Sound Studio in Atlanta, Georgia and Creation Audio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Side one
1.  No One’s Gonna Love You  (7:00)
2.  Weekend Girl  (6:21)
3.  Just The Way You Like It  (8:39)

Side two
1.  Break Up  (6:26)
2.  Feeling  (6:45)
3.  I Don’t Want Nobody Else  (5:59)
4.  Body Break  (3:48)

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