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Rene & Angela – Rise (1983) – Lp

René & Angela were an American duo consisting of musical artists and producers René Moore and Angela Winbush.

rene & angela - rise












Artist:  Rene & Angela
Title:  Rise
Year:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1A 064-4001821

René & Angela were an R&B duo consisting of artist/producers René Moore and Angela Winbush.

“Rise” is the third album and was their last for the Capitol Records label.
With this being the last album the duo would record for Capitol, they still couldn’t manage to crack the Billboard R&B Top Ten. However, they did come close.
Their first release was the dance single “Bangin’ the Boogie.” With its rapid rhythm and blaring horns, the twosome managed to carry the song to number 33 on the Billboard R&B charts.
Their follow-up single, “My First Love”,  had an impressive outing. With its lush string arrangement, the pair deliver a passionate take on a serenely written number.
While most of the album features uptempo songs, “Can’t Give You Up” is the only midtempo number, and it, like most of the album, suffers from production overkill.


Side one
1.  Rise  (3:57)
2.  Keep Runnin’  (5:16)
3.  My First Love  (5:07)
4.  Bangin’ The Boogie  (5:01)

Side two
1.  When It Comes To Love  (5:01)
2.  Wait Until Tonight  (4:20)
3.  Can’t Give You Up  (4:01)
4.  Take Me To The Limit  (4:16)

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