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Randy Crawford – Now We May Begin (1980) – Lp

Veronica “Randy” Crawford (born February 18, 1952, Macon, Georgia) is an American jazz and R&B singer. She has been more successful in Europe than in the United States, where she has not entered the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist. She led R&B veterans the Crusaders on the transatlantic hit “Street Life” (1979).












Artist:  Randy Crawford
Title:  Now We May Begin
Year:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog# WB 56791

With her husky voice and special vibrato she captured the right feeling. One of the producers was keyboardist Joe Sample. The uptempo songs have gentle disco beats and jazzy harmonies. Smooth ballads interrupt this rhythm, including her greatest recording “One Day I’ll Fly Away”. It has a great sound with synthesizer, bass guitar and string orchestra, leading to a superb bridge. The subtle and intimate sound and her vocal quality make this a pleasant and relaxing experience.

So this is soft AM jazzy soul, very smooth and very inoffensive all around album. The Crusaders are the folks responsible for the music and production, and they seem to do a nice job (although it’s a bit bland and stringy).  Randy’s vocals are sweet and soulful, when she gets going she can really belt it out, but when she’s singing softly she sounds perfectly elegant.  It’s just that she seems so much better suited to some more interesting music, see it’s kind of like an easy listening album from an artist who deserves a little more oomph musically.  “Last Night At Danceland”, “Blue Flame”, and “Same Old Story Same Old Song)” were definitely the best songs on the album.  Parts of this are just too tender and jewel toned for me like “Tender Falls The Rain”, “Now We May Begin” and so on.  I think overall it’s a bit to neutered for me, but some parts definitely show promise and Randy is a really great singer, that much was obvious.


Side one
1. Last Night At Danceland  (4:53)
2. Tender Falls The Rain  (4:13)
3. My Heart Is Not As Young As It Used To Be  (3:51)
4. Now We May Begin  (4:52)

Side two
1. Blue Flame  (6:25)
2. One Day I’ll Fly Away  (5:00)
3. Same Old Story (Same Old Song)  (4:05)
4. When Your Life Was Low  (3:20)


Randy Crawford – Abstract Emotions (1986) – Lp

Veronica “Randy” Crawford (born February 18, 1952, Macon, Georgia)[1] is an American jazz and R&B singer. She has been more successful in Europe than in the United States.












Artist:  Randy Crawford
Title:  Abstract Emotions
Year:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog# 925423-1

On the face of it one would expect this to be a terrible album. ‘After a three year hiatus sophisticated Jazz-Soul chanteuse returns with industrial sounding commercial Dance effort which falls on deaf ears…’ The thing is though, Abstract Emotions is a fantastic album. Randy sounds just as at home here as she did on even Raw Silk. The soulfulness is still there and the songs are all really well written by amongst others, Reggie Lucas and James Newton-Howard.

Randy put together 10 outstanding cuts to define “Abstract Emotions.” Her vocals are first class Randy, emotional without being heavy handed (“Can’t Stand the Pain”), understated (the original version of “Almaz”), and joyful (“Higher than Anyone Can Count”). My favorite cut is “Don’t Wanna Be Normal,” a declaration of living life on your own terms, set to a driving beat. After hearing this jam, you wanna do as Randy says and “grab a little glory.” I call this album a “hidden treasure” because I bought it for “Don’t Wanna Be Normal,” and ended up lovin’ every cut.


Side one
1.  Can’t Stand The Pain  (6:02)
2.  Actual Emotional Love  (5:05)
3.  World Of Fools  (5:00)
4.  Betcha  (4:31)
5.  Higher Than Anyone Can Count  (4:14)

Side two
1.  Desire  (5:25)
2.  Gettin’ Away With Murder  (4:02)
3.  Overnight  (5:14)
4.  Almaz  (4:04)
5.  Don’t Wanna Be Normal  (5:20)

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