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Peter Jacques Band – Dancing In The Street (1985) – Lp

Peter Jacques band was an Italian Disco band, created by French-Italian-American businessman Jacques Fred Petrus (1949–1986) and songwriter and producer Mauro Malavasi (1958).












Artist:  Peter Jacques Band
Title:  Dancing In The Street
Year:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Injection Disco Label
Catalog#  634016

The band is considered one of the pioneers of Italian produced Disco music in the U.S. and Europe. Still, the style of the music of the band is not an Italo disco (a specific dance music genre that developed in Europe in the 80-s). It’s rather a real, “traditional” (US-rooted) disco music produced in Italy. It’s clearly reflected in its “cold” dance-style sound and upbeat rhythm, and in the fact that it was mainly marketed in the US, where it gained a huge popularity.

After the 1980´s album “Welcome Back”, Petrus wanted to create just another PJB album. This time without his musical mastermind Malavasi and in a poor economical situation together with the new musical world that looked much different from the one back in 80. Wheeler, Bass, Washington and Shepard were not used again. Instead Petrus put together a whole new band for the third time on the third album comprising the Brazilian Ilto Sampaio, Betty Lami, Carin McDonald and the Swede Carmen Bjornald (the blonde to the left). Even though Petrus tried he couldn’t revive the power and light from the early years and the album “Dancing in the street” in 85 was a weak effort. Petrus even managed to draw Romani back in action as songwriter and producer after his departure in 83. But even the talented Romani couldn’t create a miracle that PJB so much needed. Despite rather good poptracks like the chartbusters “Going dancing down the street” and “All right let’s go” (same tracks as “Let’s go together on Change’s album the same year) released the hot summer of 1985 PJB’s last album couldn’t lift it self in the hair and the rest was musically pending from average to poor. Both Change’s album and B. B. & Q band’s was better that year, especially B. B. & Q. band’s groovy Jam/Lewis inspired eight piece gem but ironically PJB did get some slightly more media attention that year. This fact clearly showed the uncertainty and confusion in the black music inspired world during these years when main stream pop/synth music experienced more commercial attention and were the favorites among the record companies in favour of the musically more original and tight funk, soul and R&B productions.


Side one
1.  All Right Let’s Go  (6:24)
2.  This Night  (5:37)
3.  Mexico  (4:29)
4.  Everybody Have A Party  (4:01)

Side two
1.  Going Dancin’ Down The Street  (5:40)
2.  Drives Me Crazy  (4:10)
3.  Hightime  (4:54)
4.  Don’t Say You’ve Gotta Go  (3:52)

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