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Narada Michael Walden – Confidence (1982) – Lp

Narada Michael Walden; born Michael Walden, April 23, 1952 born to Peggy and Harold Walden in Kalamazoo, Michigan) is an American producer, drummer, singer, and songwriter. He was given the name Narada by guru Sri Chinmoy in the early 1970s and his musical career spans three decades.












Artist:  Narada Michael Walden
Title:  Confidence
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Atlantic Records
Catalog#  50883

Confidence is the sixth full-length studio recording from singer/songwriter/drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden.

Narada Michael Walden’s 1982 date ‘Confidence’ did okay on the R&B side of things but is barely acknowledged in the pop world-his pop productions during this time for Stacy Lattisaw and later Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin are. This album begins with the hefty funk jam “Your #1”-one of the best slices of funk Narada ever threw down! “Summer Lady” has yet more of that heavy 80’s funk throb to it before again returning to the breezy and inspiring urban soul sound of “I’m Ready”. The title track goes to the same place with great verve and style! The presense of jazz and fusion icons Randy Brecker,David Sanborn and the immortal Wayne Shorter really showcase Narada as the successor to Norman Connors;drummer and great assembler of talent. Another truely impressive track to be found here is the the closer “Blue Side Of Midnight”,a moody romantic smooth groove with some creamy sax from Sanborn and a great otherworldy guitar solo from Corrado Rustici! ‘Confidance’ is absolutely no misnomer;Narada delivers everything here with sincerity,conviction and so many hard-driving grooves to make you bug!


Side one
1.  You’re # 1  (5:43)
2.  Summer Lady  (5:18)
3.  I’m Ready  (4:20)
4.  Safe In My Arms  (4:14)

Side two
1.  Confidence  (4:01)
2.  Holiday  (4:27)
3.  You Ought To Love Me  (5:10)
4.  Blue Side Of Midnight  (6:57)

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