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Melba Moore – Never Say Never (1983) – Lp

Beatrice Melba Hill (born October 29, 1945), best known by her stage name, Melba Moore is an American singer, actress, voice actress, and entertainer. Moore is the daughter of saxophonist Teddy Hill and R&B singer Bonnie Davis.













Artist:  Melba Moore
Title:  Never Say Never
Year:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1A 064-7123051


Never Say Never is the thirteenth album by singer Melba Moore, released in 1983. This album featured the hits “Keeping My Lover Satisfied”, “Livin’ for Your Love” and “Love Me Right”. This album was notable for a remake of her 1976 hit “Lean on Me”.

Kashif and Paul Lawrence Jones III were the most successful black producers on the East-Coast due to their expertise in advanced synthesizers and samplers such as the Fairlight CMI I-III, Roland Jupiter-8, and Roland TR-808 just to name a few. Their wizardry turned Melba’s Never Say Never album (released in November of 1983) into The Other Side Of The Rainbow on “speed.” Though not as a big seller as 1982’s The Other Side Of The Rainbow, Never Say Never contained one top 10 R&B hit which was the sexy and smooth “Livin’ For Your Love” (written by La La Cope, who will Whitney Houston’s first hit single the following year, “You Give Good Love”). It peaked at #6 on the R&B charts in early 1984 and opened up more doors for her as a balladeer. “Livin’ For Your Love” stood out well with Melba’s intoxicating vocals and Kashif’s smooth production and background vocals of which continued their great musical chemistry. Two more singles released, “Love Me Right” and “Keepin’ My Lover, Satisfied” (#14 of the R&B charts in late 1983, and co-written by a unknown then Freddie Jackson) hit up dance floors and Soul Train dance segments during its reign and it was a bit better than its 1982 contemporaries, “Mind Up Tonight” and “Love’s Comin’ At Cha.” A video was made for the latter of which included break dancers, LA Street breakers, and a ballerina. Along with Gladys Knight & The Pips and Lionel Richie, Melba Moore was one of the first veteran artists to have a music video to feature street dancers as a primary focus of the video of which made it to some mainstream outlets, though it was never played on MTV.


Side one
1.  Love Me Right  (4:11)
2.  Keepin’ My Lover Satisfied  (5:14)
3.  Got to Have Your Love  (5:19)
4.  Livin’ for Your Love  (5:08)

Side two
1.  It’s Really Love  (4:36)
2.  Never Say Never  (4:40
3.  Lovin’ Touch  (4:45)
4.  Lean on Me  (5:06)

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