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Manfred Mann´s Earth Band – Watch (1978) – Lp

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band are an English rock band formed by South African musician Manfred Mann. After forming in 1971 and despite a short hiatus in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the Earth Band has continued to perform and tour through the present.













Artist:  Manfred Mann´s Earth Band
Title:  Watch
Year:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  Bronze Records
Catalog#  25762

Watch is a studio album with several live tracks released in 1978 by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

With essentially the same crew as the excellent Roaring Silence from two years earlier, this is cut from the same musical cloth. However, without the two Bruce Springsteen songs from the earlier album, the material is not as strong. With keyboardist Manfred Mann‘s jazz leanings melded to a rock band, this sounds much like Colosseum without horns.
It’s difficult to imagine a solid follow-up to a platinum plus recording like The Roaring Silence, but in 1978, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band delivered a very consistent and enjoyable effort known simply as Watch.
With the same line-up from the previous stellar effort, Mann and Co. deliver one of their most important efforts which yielded an international hit with Robbie Robertson’s “Davy’s On The Road Again.” Certain to move an audience to their feet, tracks like “Chicago Institute” and “Martha’s Madmen” have all gone on to become modern day classics which are still performed to this day by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.
1978’s Watch has gone on to be their most successful album worldwide. You can see why after listening to incredible songs like “Circles” and the newly revamped version of Bob Dylan’s “Mighty Quinn.”
All in all, “Watch” is a very fine album which has stood the test of time, as the most articulate of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band fans would certainly agree.


Side one
1.  Circles  (4:50)
2.  Drowning on Dry Land/Fish Soup  (6:01)
3.  Chicago Institute  (5:47)
4.  California  (5:32)

Side two
1.  Davy’s On The Road Again  (5:55)
2.  Martha’s Madman  (4:52)
3.  Mighty Quinn (6:29)

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