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The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love And Dancing (1982) – Lp

Love and Dancing is a remix album released by the British synthpop band The Human League in 1982. It was released under the name “The League Unlimited Orchestra” as a nod to Barry White‘s disco-era Love Unlimited Orchestra.

league unlimited orchestra - love and dancing












Artist:  The League Unlimited Orchestra
Title:  Love And Dancing
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Virgin Records
Catalog#  204696

The album was principally the idea and work of producer Martin Rushent and contained remixes of many of the songs from the band’s multi-platinum selling album Dare, along with a version of the track “Hard Times”, which had originally been the B-side of the single “Love Action“. It was conceived to take advantage of the unexpected huge success of Dare and also designed as a stopgap while the Human League worked on new material.

Rushent described working on Love and Dancing during an interview in 2007:

The dub mixes started because we didn’t have time to do ‘B’ sides, We’d send Virgin Records a track and they’d want to rush-release it. I’d been listening to Grandmaster Flash and played it to Phil (Oakey). He liked it so I suggested doing a remix of “Love Action” by chopping it up and adding effects, then we could get Virgin off our backs!
When it was all finished I had four or five remixes. Phil wasn’t sure about releasing them on an album and left me to make Love and Dancing on my own. It was mixed on a board, so I had the multitrack of Dare feeding in, a Harmonizer on send one, delay lines and phasers everywhere and I’d flick it about. I’d do a section and if I liked it I’d make a tape cut and splice it in. There were thousands of edits on the master and it took forever to do.


Side one
1.  Hard Times  (5:40)
2.  Love Action (I Believe In You)   (5:12)
3.  Don’t You Want Me   (7:18)

Side two
1.  Things That Dreams Are Made Of  (5:10)
2.  Do Or Die   (4:36)
3.  Seconds   (2:25)
4.  Open Your Heart   (2:35)
5.  The Sound Of The Crowd   (2:55)

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