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Lakeside – Keep On Moving Straight Ahead (1981)

Lakeside is a funk band, best known for their 1980 number one R&B hit, “Fantastic Voyage“.













Artist:  Lakeside
Title:  Keep On Moving Straight Ahead
Year:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Solar Records
Catalog#  BXL 13974

Keep on Moving Straight Ahead is the fifth album released by American funk band Lakeside. Released in 1981 on the SOLAR Records label, it was produced by the band’s members.

Lakeside started out as Solar Records attempt at a house band for the label and released their debut in 1978.By the time of ‘Keep On Moving Straight Ahead’ the band had (finaly) learned how to strech their sophisticated keyboard R&B/funk into an entire quality album.Two of these songs;”It’s Got To Be Love” and “All For You” are absolute Lakeside classics and shouldv’e been the massive pop chart breakthrough this band deserved.And for sure the title track,”It’s You”,”We Want You On The Floor” and “Back Together Again” are trademark Lakeside funk tunes,albeit alot more melodic and song-oriented then usual,getting away from the rhythmic,horn-spiked jam sound that had become something of a funk clishe in the late 1970’s.While ‘Fantastic Voyage’ was surely a step in the right direction,this album only extends on the theme and showcases Lakeside’s ability to create memorable and melodic song ideas.A fine example of early 1980s funk.


Side one
1.  Keep On Moving Straight Ahead   (4:39)
2.  It’s You   (5:02)
3.  Be My Lady  (6:13)
4.  It’s Got To Be Love   (3:51)

Side two
1.  We Want You (On The Floor)   (6:30)
2.  Back Together Again   (4:34)
3.  Anything For You   (5:21)
4.  All For You   (3:49)

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