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Kokomo – Kokomo (1982) – Lp

Kokomo is a British band whose members were prime exponents of British soul in the 1970s. Formed in May 1973 by Tony O’Malley and Terry Stannard, ex-members of the pop group Arrival, their second album “Rise & Shine” was described as “the finest British funk album of the 1970s”.












Artist:  Kokomo
Title:  Kokomo
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  85604

U.K. jazz-rock band Kokomo‘s self-titled 1982 Columbia album was produced by Chicago soul stalwarts Leo Graham and James Mack (Tyrone Davis, the Manhattans).  The last studio album, released in 1982 after an extended sabbatical, contained a minor hit single “A Little Bit Further Away”, sounds similar to the Mack-arranged ballad hit “How Bout Us” by Champaign. The LP follows in the same mellow pop/soul mode as that number except for the smooth dance tracks “Stuck in the Groove” and “Aint Never Heard the Boogie.” Standouts are the mid-tempo groover “Let Me Have It All” and the pleasantly poppy “Part-Time Affair.” Kokomo became a post release favorite with U.K. Northern soul fans.


Side one
1.  A Little Bit Further Away  (3:59)
2.  Part-Time Affair  (6:15)
3.  Follow (The Stars Will Bring You Home)  (4:43)
4.  Nowhere To Go On Tuesday Night  (4:45)

Side two
1.  Stuck In A Groove  (4:12)
2.  Ain’t Never Heard The Boogie  (4:23)
3.  All Through The Night (Let Me Be The One)  (4:13)
4.  Keep On Dancin’  (3:41)
5.  Let Me Have It All  (3:31)

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