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Julien Clerc – No.7 (1975) – Lp

Julien Clerc, (4 October 1947), born as Paul Alain Leclerc, is a French singer and songwriter.













Artist:  Julien Clerc
Title:  No.7
Year:  1975
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI Records
Catalog#  5C 062-14242

No. 7 is the seventh studio album by Julien Clerc released in 1975, is was also appointed as “This melody”.

It is the last album where songwriters are still exclusively Étienne Roda-Gil and Maurice Vallet. They write each 5 songs on this album. This is the only time where Maurice Vallet composed so many songs on the same album. This album is an ode to the separation and feeling feelings. The first song from the a-side, “Souffrir Par Toi N’est Pas Souffrir”, is a text ordered to Étienne Roda-Gil, dedicated to France Gall after her breakup with Julien Clerc, plea for a possible return, but without really believing. Julien Clerc lived with her from 1970 to 1975. In November 1967, Claude François, for the same reasons, had composed the music and lyrics of as usual with Jacques Revaux and Gilles Thibaut.

Julien Clerc’s style was gradually evolving and the singer was soon able to shake off the tag of “romantic crooner for young girls” which the critics had firmly attached to him in the early days of his career. Indeed, Clerc’s more mature album, “N°7”, revealed a darker more melancholy side to the singer. The ten songs on the new album (which was shrouded in a mournful black cover) were mostly penned by Clerc’s long-time songwriting partner Maurice Vallet and reflected the singer’s general state of depression in 1975.


Side one
1.  Souffrir Par Toi N’est Pas Souffrir  (3:43)
2.  Prends Ton Coeur Par La Main  (3:18)
3.  Une Journee Pour Rien  (3:44)
4.  Dors Bien  (3:57)
5.  Les Cafards  (2:48)

Side two
1.  This Melody  (4:10)
2.  Bien Longtemps Apres  (3:14)
3.  Je Voyage  (4:30)
4.  Elle Voulait Qu’on L’Appelle Venise  (3:00)
5.  Just Comme Un Enfant  (3:32)

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