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Harry Nilsson – Knnillssonn (1977) – Lp

Harry Edward Nilsson III (June 15, 1941 – January 15, 1994), usually credited as Nilsson, was an American singer-songwriter who achieved the peak of his commercial success in the early 1970s. His work is characterized by pioneering overdub experiments, returns to the Great American Songbook, and fusions of Caribbean sounds.

harry nilsson - knnillssonn












Artist:  Harry Nilsson
Title:  Knnillssonn
Year:  1977
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  PL-12276

Knnillssonn is the fourteenth album by Harry Nilsson. This album was Nilsson’s personal favorite while recording it, as his voice had recovered from the Pussy Cats sessions; his songs were developed and his singing was in top form. RCA agreed and had prepared to promote the album heavily as a comeback album after his previous efforts were mostly missed by the public. Shortly after the album was released, however, Elvis Presley died and RCA shifted its focus, abandoning Nilsson and many other artists in its wake. With its old-fashioned pop sensibility and weirdly out of sync production, plus Nilsson‘s trademark clever songsmithery and impish humor, Knnillssonn is a pop album like no other. It has his best set of songs in many a year, and the production is fascinating, yet at times it sounds like he’s trying a little too hard. Still, there are brilliant moments, whether it’s a tune as seductive as “All I Think About Is You” or the Agatha Christie murder mystery salute “Who Done It?” For all the cultists who struggled with, and at times embraced, his years of uneven records, this is their reward: an album that may only appeal to a small audience, but that satisfies their every desire about what an album from their favorite artist should be.

Klaus Voorman, billed on the album as Mara Gibb, was the guest mystery singer on “Perfect Day.” The St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir Boys choir is also on this track in addition to “All I Think About Is You.”


Side one
1.  All I Think About Is You  (4:04)
2.  I Never Thought I’d Get This Lonely  (5:06)
3.  Who Done It?  (5:20)
4.  Lean on Me  (2:51)
5.  Goin’ Down  (3:11)

Side two
1.  Old Bones  (2:58)
2.  Sweet Surrender  (4:42)
3.  Blanket for a Sail  (2:33)
4.  Laughin’ Man  (2:56)
5.  Perfect Day  (3:54)

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