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Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Liverpool (1986) – Lp

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (FGTH), formed in 1980, were a British band popular in the mid-1980s. The group was fronted by Holly Johnson (vocals), with Paul Rutherford (vocals), Peter Gill (drums, percussion), Mark O’Toole (bass guitar), and Brian Nash (guitar).













Artist:  Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Title:  Liverpool
Year:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Island Records
Catalog#  207896

Liverpool is Frankie Goes to Hollywood‘s second and last studio album, released in October 1986. It would be the band’s final album of all-new material, and lead singer Holly Johnson would leave the band following the corresponding world tour, followed by a flurry of lawsuits from ZTT. The album’s production was handled by Trevor Horn‘s engineer Stephen Lipson, who urged the band to play their own instruments on this album (Horn having replaced the band’s performances and arrangements with his session musicians or his own performances on Welcome to the Pleasuredome.) Liverpool is generally regarded as a heavier rock sound than Welcome to the Pleasuredome, but in reality only the first three tracks, “Rage Hard”, “Warriors of the Wasteland” and “Kill the Pain” could be described as such. In fact, Welcome to the Pleasuredome itself contained two of the bands “hardest” tracks, the aggressive and powerful Two Tribes, and the cover version of War, with Born to Run not far behind. Nevertheless, lead singer Holly Johnson expressed his displeasure with the album in his autobiography “A Bone In My Flute” in particular the title itself “Liverpool”. His own suggestion for the albums title “From the Diamond Mine to the Factory” (lyric from Warriors Of the Wasteland) was rejected in favour of “Liverpool”.


Side one
1.  Warriors Of The Wasteland  (4:53)
2.  Rage Hard  (5:01)
3.  Kill The Pain  (6:38)
4.  Maximum Joy  (5:54)

Side two
1.  Watching The Wildlife  (4:05)
2.  Lunar Bay  (5:45)
3.  For Heaven’s Sake  (4:37)
4.  Is Anybody Out There?  (7:36)

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