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Franke & The Knockouts – Franke & The Knockouts (1981) – Lp

Franke and the Knockouts was a short-lived band, formed in New Jersey, USA and fronted by singer/songwriter Franke Previte.












Artist:  Franke & The Knockouts
Title:  Franke & The Knockouts
Year:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Millennium Records
Catalog#  BXL1-7755

Another legendary band from New Jersey. Perhaps playing a style which best represents the entire musical genre known as AOR. So, if you want to find out all about AOR, then these guys are your first reference point. Well, Franke Previte.. he’s a bit of singing star me thinks.. Blessed with a superb voice either when he rocks out or when laying on the velvet in a ballad. Franke started his musical career at a young age, he started his own band called The Intruders and then played with other bands such as the Oxford Watch Band and Bull Angus. After meeting guitarist Billy Elworthy, they signed with RCA/Millenium after only three weeks, and this their self titled debut album is the culmination of that association. The band’s sound echoes reminders of West Coast acts such as Pablo Cruise, though in saying that, they have a sound unique to themselves, one which was copied on in later years by other artists playing in a similar style. Rounding out the original quintet were keyboardist Blake Levinsohn, bassist Leigh Foxx, and drummer Claude LeHenaff.

Hauling in other locals such as Foxx, Levinsohn and Le Henaff, the band was complete, and it headed into the charts powered along by the hit single ‘Sweetheart’ which made a serious dent into the US Top 40. Other great songs included ‘You’re My Girl’, ‘She’s A Runner’ and the fantastic pomp of ‘One For All’. Side Two has some great moments as well, including ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘Don’t Stop’.


Side one
1.  Come Back  (4:02)
2.  Sweetheart  (4:11)
3.  She’s A Runner  (4:07)
4.  You’re My Girl  (3:05)
5.  One For All  (3:11)

Side two
1.  Tonight  (3:46)
2.  Running Into The Night  (3:44)
3.  Tell Me Why  (3:47)
4.  Annie Goes To Hollywood  (4:09)
5.  Don’t Stop  (3:04)

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