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Francis Lai – Bande Originale du Film “Bilitis” (1977) – Lp

Francis Lai  (born 26 April 1932) is a French accordionist and composer, noted for his film scores.












Artist:  Francis Lai
Title:  Bande Originale du Film “Bilitis”
Year:  1977
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WB 56462

Bilitis is a 1977 French romantic drama film, which was directed by photographer David Hamilton with a music score by Francis Lai. It starred Patti D’Arbanville and Mona Kristensen as the title characters Bilitis and Melissa, respectively.

The film was loosely based on a poem cycle by Pierre Louÿs entitled The Songs of Bilitis set in ancient Greece, although the film is set in modern Europe. The poems were meant to be autobiographical poems by the title character

A teenage schoolgirl spends the summer with a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, and develops a lesbian crush on the wife. Meanwhile, she pursues a local teenage boy and tries to find a “suitable male lover” for the wife.

Although Bilitis can be best described as a coming of age film, the title character, Bilitis, ends up returning to school at the end of the film, realizing that she is not yet ready for adulthood.


Side one
1.  Bilitis (Generique)  (3:26)
2.  Promenade  (3:44)
3.  Les 2 Nudites  (2:23)
4.  Spring Time Ballet  (2:31)
5.  L’Abre  (1:15)
6.  I Need A Man  (4:27)

Side two
1.  Melissa  (4:38)
2.  La Campagne  (0:41)
3.  Scene D’Amour  (3:52)
4.  Rainbow  (4:35)
5.  Bilitis (Generique De Fin)  (4:57)

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