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Earl Klugh – Low Ride (1983) – Lp

Earl Klugh (born September 16, 1953) is an American jazz guitarist and composer. In 2006 Modern Guitar magazine wrote that Klugh “is considered by many to be one of the finest acoustic guitar players today.”












Artist:  Earl Klugh
Title:  Low Ride
Year:   1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1C 064-400166

Low Ride is the 9th studio album by Earl Klugh released in 1983. The album features Klugh’s signature sound of blending “heavy, rhythm-and-blues-oriented background with the feathery sound of Klugh”. Conductor and arranger David Matthews joins Klugh on the orchestrated song “Christina”.

“Back In Central Park” opens the album with a breezy,uptempo Brazilian jazz-pop featuring the title song using choral vocalists. “If You Want To Be My Love” is an extremely powerful funk number-full of solo and ascending electric/synth bass tones interacting with the sauntering rhythms. The title song has a similar vibe to it-only with a smoother pop and R&B flavor about it with a hand clap and rhythm guitar fueled outro. “Just Like Yesterday” has the melody based,electric keyboard oriented mid tempo shuffle of a Ray Parker Jr. composition (though he didn’t write it) while “If Your Still In Love With Me”,”I Never Thought I’d Leave You and “Christina” are all creamily orchestrated ballads.

‘Night Drive” ends the album with a slap bass heavily Brazilian jazz/funk attitude yet again-this time on the phatter end of the genre. As far as I’m concerned? This particular album is every bit the equal of it’s predecessor. It even goes for blending some synthesizers into the production as more orchestral elements. Yet the core of the album remains very much on the clean end of that keeping it live instrumental spirit. And to quote Stevie Wonder? There’s no way this band could lose? While I haven’t heard all this man’s music from the period? I would go as far as saying that the early 80’s were surely some golden period for Earl Klugh.


Side one
1. Back In Central Park  (3:47)
2. (If You Want To) Be My Love  (5:18)
3. Low Ride  (5:36)
4. Just Like Yesterday  (4:26)

Side two
1. If You’re Still In Love With Me  (2:37)
2. I Never Thought I’d Leave You  (3:46)
3. Christina  (4:09)
4. Night Drive  (6:48)

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