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Champaign – How ´Bout Us (1981) – Lp

Champaign was a 1980s American R&B band best known for their 1981 hit, “How ‘Bout Us“.












Artist:  Champaign
Title:  How ´Bout Us
Year:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog# 84927

Champaign took its name from its home city of Champaign, IL. The group was an interracial septet comprising singers Pauli Carman and Rena Jones, guitarist Howard Reeder, keyboardists Michael Day and Dana Walden, bassist Michael Reed, and percussionist Rocky Maffitt. They hit a commercial peak with their 1981 debut album, How ‘Bout Us, whose title track was a hit single (Top Five in the U.K. and on the U.S. R&B chart).

When Champaign burst on the scene in 1981, it appeared to be a group that was going to be around for quite awhile. With strong lead vocalists Pauli Carman and Rene Jones (not to be confused with the Atlanta-based indie soul singer Rene Jones), great production by Leo Graham, and a crossover smash hit in “How ‘Bout Us,” the group’s debut album won critical acclaim and sold well. It was a wonderful debut — one of the best complete albums of that year. Unfortunately, that debut album would be the commercial high point for the group.


Side one
1.  Can You Find The Time?  (4:04)
2.  Party People  (5:01)
3.  Whiplash  (3:36)
4.  I’m On Fire  (4:16)

Side two
1.  How ‘Bout Us  (4:34)
2.  Spinnin’  (3:14)
3.  Dancin’ Together Again  (3:13)
4.  Lighten Up  (3:16)
5.  If One More Morning  (4:03)

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