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Camel – Nude (1981) – Lp

Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971. Led by founding member Andrew Latimer.













Artist:  Camel
Title:  Nude
Year:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Decca Records
Catalog#  6399110

Nude is the eighth studio album and a concept album released by the English progressive rock band Camel in January 1981. The album is based on a true story of a Japanese soldier (Hiroo Onoda) marooned on an island in World War II who doesn’t know that the war is over. ‘Nude’ derives from his family name ‘Onoda’. Most of the album is composed of instrumentals with only a few tracks containing lyrics. The album’s lyrics were mainly written by Susan Hoover, except “Please Come Home”, which was written by Andrew Latimer. It was the last Camel album to feature original drummer Andy Ward. More ambitious than the preceding I Can See Your House from Here, Nude is in many ways just as impressive. Although it’s a less accessible effort, it has a number of quite intriguing passages, particularly since it boasts heavier improvisation, orchestration, and even some worldbeat influences. It’s not as spacy as Camel‘s earlier progressive rock records, yet it is quite atmospheric, creating its own entrancing world.


Side one
1.  City Life   (5:02)
2.  Nude   (0:22)
3.  Drafted   (4:18)
4.  Docks  (3:50)
5.  Beached   (3:52)
6.  Landscapes  (2:36)

Side two
1.  Changing Places  (4:10)
2.  Pomp & Circumstance   (2:03)
3.  Please Come Home  (1:12)
4.  Reflections   (2:45)
5.  Captured  (3:13)
6.  The Homecoming   (2:40)
7.  Lies   (4:57)
8.  The Last Farewell  (4:05)
(a) The Birthday Cake
(b)  Nude´s Return

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