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The Call – Reconciled (1986) – Lp

The Call was an American rock band from Santa Cruz, California, formed by vocalist/guitarist Michael Been, drummer/percussionist Scott Musick, bassist Greg Freeman, and guitarist Tom Ferrier. Steve Huddleston played keyboards early on for the band.













Artist:  The Call
Title:  Reconciled
Year:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog#  9604401

Reconciled was recorded during the summer of 1985. At this point, the band had not had a recording contract for two years, due to what Been described as “legal bickering” between The Call’s former record label and their management company. However, when the deal was signed with Elektra Records, the band resumed playing and produced their most commercially successful album to date. Peter Gabriel, Simple MindsJim Kerr, and Hudson and former Band mate Robbie Robertson all guested the album which was released in 1986. Several tracks from the album became hits on the Mainstream Rock Chart, and one of these tracks, “I Still Believe”, appears on the soundtrack of the 1986 film The Whoopee Boys.

Though none of the singles from The Call‘s Reconciled made a dent on the pop charts, the anthemic march “I Still Believe” and the galloping “Everywhere I Go” (with backup vocals by Jim Kerr and Peter Gabriel) both received significant AOR and college radio airplay. It significantly raised the profile of the quartet and their earnest, U2-like brand of rock. It is easy to apply spiritual overtones to the socially conscious lyrics, but the words are malleable enough to be mainstream and only on occasion become heavy handed (“Blood Red (America)”). Robbie Robertson plays guitar on the thundering stomp “The Morning” and the song itself has the same vibe as the band’s later hit “Let the Day Begin.” Some of the keyboards sound a bit dated, but, overall, Reconciled is enjoyable and established the band as one of the better purveyors of ’80s “big music.”


Side one
1.  Everywhere I Go Been  (4:18)
2.  I Still Believe (Great Design)  (5:30)
3.  Blood Red (America)  (3:42)
4.  The Morning  (4:40)

Side two
1.  Oklahoma  (4:18)
2.  With or Without Reason  (4:02)
3.  Sanctuary  (3:57)
4.  Tore the Old Place Down  (4:12)
5.  ven Now  (4:37)

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