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Blancmange – Mange Tout (1983) – Lp

Blancmange are an English synthpop band, formed in Harrow, Middlesex in 1979 by singer Neil Arthur and instrumentalists Stephen Luscombe and Laurence Stevens.

blancmange - mange tout












Artist:  Blancmange
Title:  Mange Tout
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  London Records
Catalog#  810235-1

Mange Tout is the second album by the British synthpop duo Blancmange. Released in May 1984, it was Blancmange’s most successful album, peaking at number 8 in the UK album chart.

Mange Tout, Blancmange‘s follow-up to Happy Families, appeared in 1984. Typical of many second albums, the production is a little glossier, the sound a little less fresh. On Mange Tout, Arthur and Luscombe stick to the pattern they established on their debut, alternating catchy, sequencer-heavy pop with downtempo ballads. Sitar and tabla flavorings continue to play a significant role, as does co-conspirator David Rhodes‘ guitar. Also typical of many sophomore efforts, Mange Tout at times runs short of material. While the singles “Don’t Tell Me” and “Blind Vision” are nigh irresistible, the similar “That’s Love That It Is” gets to be a bit much. And though the B-side boasts the nifty a cappella “See the Train” and the pleasing (if disturbingly Thompson Twins-like) “My Baby,” a couple of the songs carry the stench of filler. The album’s closer — a synth-heavy, nearly eight-minute take on ABBA‘s “The Day Before You Came” — isn’t terrible, just inexplicable.


Side one
1.  Don’t Tell Me  (3:31)
2.  Game Above My Head  (3:59)
3.  Blind Vision  (3:51)
4.  Time Became The Tide  (4:49)
5.  That’s Love That It Is  (4:22)

Side two
1.  Murder  (5:58)
2.  See The Train  (2:05)
3.  All Things Are Nice  (5:00)
4.  My Baby  (3:59)
5.  The Day Before You Came  (5:57)

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