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BAP – Vun Drinne Noh Drusse (1982) – Lp

BAP is a German rock group. With eleven albums reaching the number one in the German record charts, BAP is one of the most successful rock acts in their home country.













Artist:  BAP
Title:  Vun Drinne Noh Drusse
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Musikant Records
Catalog#  1C 066-46639

Nearly all of BAP’s lyrics are written in Kölsch, the dialect of Cologne, or more precisely in a Kölsch-influenced derivation of Eifelplatt, a regional variant of the Ripuarian language spoken in the nearby rural Eifel. Niedecken’s most prominent musical influences, especially early in his career, were Bob Dylan, the Kinks, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, and Wolfgang Ambros.
BAP is the most successful German singing band whose albums since 1981 went to No. 1 within 2 weeks and sold platin without any exceptions despite their strange Cologne slang. Second, “Vun drinne noh drusse” (= Von drinnen nach draussen) from 1982 is still the most sold album in German language and definitely one of the best ever. Pure German rock combined with ironic, sometimes angry, sometimes melancholic texts. Powerful political protest songs such as “Kristallnaach” as well as “Zehnter Juni” are followed by romantic or melancholic ballads such as “Do kanns zaubre”, one of the best lovesongs ever written in German, or the sad “Ah`ner Leitplank” about a deadly car accident. For non-German speakers: Never mind the language barrier (Even Germans have sometimes problems with the slang, so that all texts are generally translated in “School German”), the music on its own is worth it a million times.


Side one
1.  Kristallnaach   (4:56)
2.  Wellenreiter   (2:20)
3.  Zehnter Juni   (4:21)
4.  Wie ‘Ne Stein   (4:26)
5.  Do Kanns Zaubere   (4:34)

Side two
1.  Nit Für Kooche (Teil 1)   (1:40)
2.  Nit Für Kooche (Teil 2)   (4:03)
3.  Ahn ‘Ner Leitplank   (4:14)
4.  Wenn Et Bedde Sich Lohne Däät   (4:32)
5.  Eins Für Carmen Un En Insel   (2:53)
6.  Koot Vüür Aach   (3:29)

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