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The Allman Brothers Band – Brothers Of The Road (1981)

The Allman Brothers Band was an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969 by brothers Duane Allman and Gregg Allman. While the band has been called the principal architects of southern rock, they also incorporate elements of blues, jazz, and country music, and their live shows have jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals.

the allman brothers band - brothers of the road












Artist:  The Allman Brothers Band
Title:  Brothers Of The Road
Year:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  203914

Brothers of the Road is the eighth studio album, and tenth album overall, by the rock group the Allman Brothers Band. Released in 1981, it is the band’s only album without drummer Jai Johanny Johanson.

By the time the 1980s rolled around, the Allman Brothers had endured such a tumultuous ride the decade prior, that almost all of the air was let out of their musical tires by the time Brothers of the Road hit the record stands. Many of the elements of the Allman Brothers‘ sound remain intact here, but there are several things lacking that make this a less than essential album. The raw, rugged jams with climatic buildups and blistering guitar workouts have been substituted for a glossier, more pop-friendly sheen (thanks in no part to Clive Davis‘ involvement with the group at the time). And while “Straight From the Heart” saw a reasonable campaign on the charts, the rest of the album is tepid at best. Shortly thereafter, the Allman Brothers decided to hang it up again.


Side one
1.  Brothers of the Road  (3:50)
2.  Leavin’  (3:46)
3.  Straight from the Heart  (3:48)
4.  The Heat is On  (4:13)
5.  Maybe We Can Go Back to Yesterday  (4:42)

Side two
1.  The Judgment  (3:39)
2.  Two Rights  (3:30)
3.  Never Knew How Much (I Needed You)  (4:45)
4.  Things You Used to Do  (3:42)
5.  I Beg of You  (3:22)

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