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The Alessi Brothers – Alessi (1977) – Lp

The Alessi Brothers are an American pop rock singer-songwriter duo, best known for their 1984 hit “Savin’ the Day” and also their 1977 hit “Oh Lori”. The duo are identical twin brothers, Bill (Billy) Alessi and Bob (Bobby) Alessi (born 12 July 1953, West Hempstead, New York).












Artist:  The Alessi Brothers
Title:  Alessi
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog# AMLH 64608

The Alessi Brothers, Billy and Bobby, never became massive household names during their heyday as pop stars, but they did manage to sell over eight million records between their initial band (Barnaby Bye) and a number of their own albums on A&M Records and Quincy Jones’ Warner Brothers imprint, Quest. The band had a number seven hit in 1977 in England with a song called “Oh Lori,” which failed to chart in the US.
Well, this self-titled vinyl album is actually their debut record, released in 1976, a year before The Paley Brothers’ brilliant pink-sleeved vinyl debut.
The comparison stops here, however, as Alessi’s music is by no means similar to the Paleys’ flamboyant power pop but rather some sort of catchy, melodic soul pop with a slight tinge of disco at times, in short a guilty pleasure.
This record is worth having if only for the angelic voices of the two brothers who can also wax poetic on a few songs.


Side one
1. Do You Feel It?   (5:33)
2. You Can Have It Back   (3:029
3. I Was So Sure   (3:59)
4. Big Deal (Live Without You)   (2:22)
5. Don’t Hold Back   (3:49)

Side two
1. Too Long To Forget   (3:20)
2. Sad Songs   (3:43)
3. Oh, Lori   (3:21)
4. Joanna   (2:28)
5. Seabird   (3:08)
6. Do You Feel It? — Reprise   (0:43)

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