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A Taste Of Honey – Ladies Of The Eighties (1982) – Lp

A Taste of Honey was an American recording act, formed in 1971 by associates Janice–Marie Johnson and Perry Kibble.












Artist:  A Taste Of Honey
Title:  Ladies Of The Eighties
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1A 064-400091

The fourth and final installment from Capitol’s A Taste of Honey features much of the same as their previous outing, “Twice As Sweet,” along the lines of funky jams and sweet, tender balladry. A curious item here is the album’s first single, “I’ll Try Something New,” a RE-reading of a Smokey Robinson ballad produced and arranged in the very same vein as their previous smash hit, “Sukiyaki,” complete with Japanese koto (courtesy of Hazel Payne, the OTHER Taste of Honey,) lush strings and of course, the whipped, buttery vocals of Janice Marie Johnson.

Unfortunately, when a band takes a more formulaic route to try and duplicate the huge success and sound of a PRIOR hit record, the results aren’t always as favorable and a sense of “novelty” is created. Such is the case HERE. Although, “I’ll Try Something New” is undeniably gorgeous in its melody, arrangement and delivery, it was a taste that was a little TOO CLOSE to the aforementioned hit (“Sukiyaki”), thus resulting in a #9 R&B hit and falling just short of the Pop Top Forty. Other highlights include the calypso-ish, feel-good funk of “We’ve Got The Groove,” “Sayonara” and “Midnite Snack.”

In most cases, Disco bands had great difficulty in crossing over to mainstream R&B, but in the case of Johnson and Hazel Payne, this was not true. Even though the Disco sound was long on the way out by the time “Ladies of the Eighties” had dropped, these girls remained true to their R&B roots, crossed over to Pop a couple of times and STILL MANAGED to rack up a few more hits along the way. Pretty sweet (AND impressive musicianship) for these two “ladies of the eighties!”


Side one
1.  Sayonara  (4:06)
2.  We’ve Got The Groove  (5:42)
3.  I’ll Try Something New  (4:11)
4.  We’ve Got The Groove (Reprise)  (0:21)
5.  Lies  (4:12)

Side two
1.  Diamond Real  (4:22)
2.  Never Go Wrong  (4:10)
3.  We’ve Got The Groove (Reprise)  (0:21)
4.  Midnight Snack  (4:05)
5.  Leavin’ Tomorrow  (4:37)

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