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July 13, 2017

June Lodge – Someone Loves You Honey (1982) – Lp

by Record Facts

J.C. Lodge, (born June Carol Lodge, 1 December 1958, London, England), is a reggae singer, actress and fine artist. Her breakthrough hit “Someone Loves You, Honey” became the best-selling single of 1982 in the Netherlands. Lodge is also an accomplished painter, having exhibited in Kingston art galleries, and has acted in several theatre productions.












Artist:  June Lodge
Title:  Someone Loves You Honey
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Ariola Records
Catalog#  204858

British born to a Jamaican father and British mother, J.C. Lodge was taken to Jamaica as a child. There, the Beatles fan soon became immersed in R&B and reggae, and sang along to everything she heard.

Toward the end of high school, a relationship with Errol O’Meally led her further along her music path. He was a budding songwriter, and used her voice to present some of his material to Joe Gibbs‘ Recording Studio. Both the songs and the singer were well received, and J.C. was asked to record Charley Pride‘s hit “Someone Loves You, Honey” in 1980. The reggae version of the country and western tune topped the Jamaican charts, and earned the singer gold and platinum discs in the Netherlands. In fact, it was the #1 top-selling single of 1982 over there. While the record was a big hit, it bankrupted Gibbs as he had failed to pay royalties to the songwriter. An album of the same name, featuring the deejay talents of Prince Mohamed was released in 1982. “More Than I Can Say”  and “Don´t Stop Me” were also released as singles.


Side one
1.  Someone Loves You Honey/ One Time Daughter   (3:12)
2.  The Love You Never Had   (3:21)
3.  Give Me Your Love   (4:22)
4.  Baby I’m Yours   (3:55)
5.  More Than I Can Say   (3:55)

Side two
1.  It’s Heaven   (3:27)
2.  Don’t Stop Me   (4:10)
3.  Push Over   (4:10)
4.  Stay In Tonight   (3:39)

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