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July 12, 2017

Eurythmics – Revenge (1986) – Lp

by Record Facts

Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the band The Tourists (originally known as The Catch).












Artist:  Eurythmics
Title:  Revenge
Year:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  PL-71050

On their fifth album, Eurythmics moved away from the austere synth-pop of their previous work and toward more of a neo-’60s pop/rock stance. “Missionary Man” (which went Top 40 as a single in the U.S. and charted in the U.K.) featured a prominent harmonica solo, while “Thorn in My Side” had a chiming guitar riff reminiscent of the Searchers and a fat sax solo. Of course, the primary element in the group’s sound remained Annie Lennox‘s distinctive alto voice, which was still impressive even if the material was slightly less so. Revenge was a successful album, reaching the Top Ten in the U.K. and going gold in the U.S., but it was a disappointment compared to their last three albums. And creatively, it was a step down as well — there was nothing here that they hadn’t done a little better before.

All tracks written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart, except “When Tomorrow Comes” co-written by Patrick Seymour.


Side one
1.  Missionary Man  (4:40)
2.  Thorn In My Side  (4:45)
3.  When Tomorrow Comes  (4:28)
4.  The Last Time  (4:10)
5.  The Miracle Of Love  (5:04)

Side two
1.  Let’s Go  (4:08)
2.  Take Your Pain Away  (4:30)
3.  A Little Of You  (3:53)
4.  In This Town  (3:44)
5.  I Remember You  (5:00)

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