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June 6, 2017

Mud – Mudrock Vol. II (1975) – Lp

by Record Facts

Mud are an English glam rock band, formed in February 1966. Their earlier success came in a pop and then glam rock style, while later hits were influenced by 1950s rock and roll.












Artist:  Mud
Title:  Mudrock Vol.II
Year:  1975
Format:  LP
Label:  RAK Records
Catalog#  5C 062-96485

Mud Rock, Vol. 2 was cut precisely in the same mould as its predecessor, a “live in the studio”-style party knees up, with the band powering through a string of favorite oldies, catchy classics, and of course, a hit 45 or two, and probably not breaking a sweat throughout. A primo singles band, Mud really weren’t stretched on LP until a change of labels in 1976 finally allowed them to start making records that spoke for their own musical tastes and abilities; by comparison, Mud Rock, Vol. 2, despite some red hot fun performances, is simply the sound of a band on cruise control. There are some magnificent moments here, however. All summer sun and swaying palm trees, the Hawaiian guitar-powered “Hula Love” is irresistibly corny, while “Let’s Have a Party” and “One Night” are balls-out rockers that prove just how far ahead of the revivalist pack Mud could have been, had their producers only permitted them to take that step. An oddly lugubrious “Living Doll” is more a showcase for its producers than its players, but the hits “Oh Boy” and “The Secrets That You Keep” bring Mud back into brilliant focus, and no matter how functional this album is, there’s no doubting its entertainment value.


Side one
1.  The Secrets That You Keep  (3:07)
2.  Living Doll  (2:55)
3.  One Night  (2:53)
4.  Tallahassee Lassie  (3:16)
5.  Let’s Have A Party  (1:40)

Side two
1.  Tobacco Road  (3:20)
2.  Oh Boy  (2:50)
3.  I Love How You Love Me  (3:03)
4.  Hula Love  (4:00)
5.  Diana  (3:56)

available at:

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