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May 18, 2017

Janice Marie Johnson – One Taste Of Honey (1984) – Lp

by Record Facts

Singer/bassist/guitarist/songwriter Janice Marie Johnson, as a founding member of A Taste of Honey.












Artist:  Janice Marie Johnson
Title:  One Taste Of Honey
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog# 1A 064-2401641

One Taste of Honey is the debut solo album by Janice Marie Johnson of the American rhythm and blues group A Taste of Honey. It was produced by Mike Piccirillo and Gary Goetzman for Goetzman/Piccirillo Productions in association with Janice Marie Enterprises Inc. and included the minor R&B hit Love Me Tonight. The album was recorded following the departure of Hazel Payne from A Taste of Honey in 1983 and after the commercial disappointment of their 1982 album, Ladies of the Eighties.

The album was recorded and released due to contractual obligations made with Capitol Records. One Taste of Honey was released in the summer of 1984, but was a huge commercial disappointment. Jim Mazza, president of Capitol Records at the time, was very supportive of the album, although he was removed by the time the album was released. As a result, there were problems between Johnson and Capitol Records, including promotion and the lead single choice. Two singles were released, Love Me Tonight and She’s So Popular. Love Me Tonight reached #67 on the then-called Hot Black Singles chart in the United States, while She’s So Popular was released internationally in an extended version and failed to chart.


Side one
1.   Who’s It Gonna Be?   (4:19)
2.   Baby Sister   (3:54)
3.   Last Chance Romeo   (3:20)
4.   Beverly Hills   (3:50)
5.   She’s So Popular   (4:30)

Side two
1.   Back With My Boogie   (4:13)
2.   Love Me Tonite   (3:20)
3.   Givin’ It Up   (4:09)
4.   Catch 22   (3:19)
5.   I’ll Be There   (3:49)

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