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May 13, 2017

Change – Turn On Your Radio (1985) – Lp

by Record Facts

Change was an Italian-American post-disco group formed in Bologna, Italy, in 1979 by businessman and executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus (1949–1986) and Mauro Malavasi (1957). They were heavily influenced by legendary disco band Chic.












Artist:  Change
Title:  Turn On Your Radio
Year:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  CNR Records
Catalog#  634015

Turn on Your Radio is the sixth and final studio album by the Italian/U.S. ensemble Change. It was released in 1985 and reached number sixty-four on the US Billboard Black Albums chart.

The once-dominant disco group Change enjoyed its final hit with this 1985 album. The lineup had changed radically from the days when Luther Vandross or James Robinson were providing exciting, soulful leads. The leads throughout this session, even on the lone successful single, “Let’s Go Together,” were more efficient than distinctive. The group’s founder, Jacques Fred Petrus, returned to the production helm and recycled the arrangements that once made the group a major act.

“Turn on Your Radio” includes the singles “Let’s Go Together”, “Examination” (in Italy only), “Oh What A Feeling” and “Mutual Attraction”.
“Turn on Your Radio” was the band’s commercial low point, but had not been intended as the act’s final release. The formal end came after the death of Petrus in 1986.


Side one
1.  Turn On Your Radio  (5:15)
2.  Let’s Go Together  (6:06)
3.  Examination  (5:34)
4.  You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me  (5:25)

Side two
1.  Oh What A Feeling  (5:42)
2.  Mutual Attraction  (6:00)
3.  Love The Way You Love Me  (5:39)
4.  If You Want My Love  (5:24)

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