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April 30, 2017

Mezzoforte – Surprise Surprise (1982) – Lp

by Record Facts

Mezzoforte is an instrumental jazz-funk fusion band from Iceland, formed in 1977. The band was named after the traditional musical term mezzo forte, an instruction to play literally “moderately loud”.












Artist:  Mezzoforte
Title:  Surprise Surprise
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Jump Shout Records
Catalog#  JS 3301

They signed a record deal with Icelandic label Steinar. Their biggest hit single was “Garden Party” (1983), taken from their fourth album (second international release) Surprise Surprise.

Earlier in 1982, the second keyboard player, Bjorn Thorarensen who’s been with them for their previous two albums, left Mezzoforte. The saxophone player Kristinn Svavarsson became a full member after playing as a guest on the band’s first two albums. Surprise Surprise was recorded at PRT Studios, London in July–August 1982 and mixed at Red Bus Studios in September.

Garden Party was chosen to be released as a single, even though the band wasn’t sure whether to include the song on the album. It became Mezzoforte’s biggest hit and charted in most European countries and Japan. After its success the band moved to England and started touring in Europe. Garden Party has been featured in TV programmes and commercials, gaining even more publicity for Mezzoforte through the years.


Side one
1.  Surprise  (1:25)
2.  Garden Party  (6:00)
3.  Gazing At The Clouds  (6:30)
4.  Early Autumn  (6:17)
5.  Action Man  (4:58)

Side two
1.  Funk Suite No.1  (5:49)
2.  Easy Jack  (4:45)
3.  Fusion Blues  (5:40)
4.  The Old Neighborhood  (5:32)
5.  Surprise, Reprise  (0:50)

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