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March 27, 2017

Spin – Spin (1976) – Lp

by Record Facts

Spin is a spin-off band from Ekseption and was formed in 1974. Difference of opinion regarding the musical style of Ekseption made Rein van den Broek and Dik Vennik to form a new band. They also included Hans Jansen from Ekseption and Hans Hollestelle, who also played on an Ekseption album as a session musician, into the line up. The band was completed by Hans’ brother Jan Hollestelle and Cees Kranenburg.












Artist:  Spin
Title:  Spin
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Ariola Records
Catalog# 27021 XOT

The music of Spin is less focused on the classics, but is more in a jazz-rock style. They recorded two albums, neither of them was very successful. Although the single “Grasshopper” was a minor hit in the US.

The music of Spin is much more straight forward than Ekseption’s music, they dropped the classical influences and the arrangements were much more focused on electric guitars and horns and even some funk elements here and there. Enthusiasts of jazz/rock fusion might find this album a little bit on the soft side though, but the songs are well balanced and feature some catchy horn arrangements. The first album released in 1976 by Ariola is a good ex of jazz with funky elements, not bad at all, at least for me, but they didn’t manage to get very much attention back then like today, they remain unknown to larger public.All pieces stands as good. The band disbands in 1977.


Side one
1. Grasshopper  (4:39)
2. Spinning  (4:03)
3. Excenter  (5:18)
4. Sea And Seasons  (4:57)

Side two
1. Little Bitch  (4:57)
2. Sunday Afternoon’s Dream  (4:57)
3. Flat Tyre  (4:37)
4. Beautiful Queenie  (3:32)

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