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February 25, 2017

Gerry Rafferty – City To City (1978) – Lp

by Record Facts

Gerald “Gerry” Rafferty (16 April 1947 – 4 January 2011) was a Scottish singer-songwriter best known for his  recordings with the band Stealers Wheel.













Artist:  Gerry Rafferty
Title:  City To City
Year:  1978  LP
Format:  LP
Label:  United Artists Records
Catalog#  5C 062-60395

City to City is a 1978 album and the second studio album by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. It was Rafferty’s first solo release in six years—and first release of any kind since 1975.

Gerry Rafferty is a huge talent, but a reluctant star. Management struggles and sundry other hindrances limited his output, but couldn’t avert the Scot from releasing two legendary singles — the Tarantino-ized “Stuck in the Middle With You” and the unforgettable “Baker Street,” the latter included on this record. Just a glimpse of John Patrick Byrne’s cool cover art lets the listener know City to City houses Rafferty’s day in the sun as he conquers the world one metropolis at a time, his guitar and amp in tow. Setting out in his apocalyptic “Ark,” each song radiates the confidence of a master craftsman cruising in his prime, constructing brilliant pop confections with top-flight support while awaiting the crunch of civilization. The dreamy reality check “Baker Street” rightfully remains one of the greatest cuts in pop history. Forever-lost B-side “Big Change in Weather” further demonstrates Rafferty was on a rare roll. Domestic valentine “Right Down the Line” snugly followed to the height of the charts, and third release, “Home and Dry,” while not of an immortal status, stands as a quality song. He even stomps out a smooth hoedown on the title track. Rafferty’s turns of phrase and tight composition skills create a fresh sound and perspective all his own. Any diverse style (and he attempts many) filters through his unique mindset, resulting in a classic platter buoyed by many moments of sheer genius. “Whatever’s written in your heart, that’s all that matters.”


Side one
1.  The Ark  (5:36)
2.  Baker Street  (6:01)
3.  Right Down the Line  (4:20)
4.  City to City  (4:51)
5.  Stealin’ Time  (5:39)

Side two
1.  Mattie’s Rag  (3:28)
2.  Whatever’s Written in Your Heart  (6:30)
3.  Home and Dry  (4:52)
4.  Island  (5:04)
5.  Waiting for the Day  (5:26)

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