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February 12, 2017

Bryan Ferry – In Your Mind (1977) – Lp

by Record Facts

Bryan Ferry (born 26 September 1945) is an English singer and songwriter. His voice has been described as an “elegant, seductive croon“. He also established a distinctive image and sartorial style; Ferry and his contemporary David Bowie influenced a generation with both their music and their appearance. Ferry came to prominence as the lead vocalist and principal songwriter with the glam art rock band Roxy Music.













Artist:  Bryan Ferry
Title:  In Your Mind
Year:  1977
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2310502

In Your Mind is the fourth solo studio album by Bryan Ferry, the former lead vocalist for Roxy Music. It was his first solo album consisting entirely of original songs: the first two had been cover albums.

With Roxy Music set aside for the time being, Ferry took the solo plunge with an album of totally original material. As such, the underrated In Your Mind makes a logical follow-on from Roxy‘s Siren, especially since usual suspects — Thompson, Manzanera, Wetton, and many more — assist him in the brief eight-song effort. While lacking early Roxy‘s long-gone freakouts In Your Mind still burns more fiercely than both the later solo and group albums, at least on certain tracks – like Siren, it balances between rockier and smoother paths, most often favoring the former. Ferry‘s lyrics remain in his own realm of intelligent, romantic dissipation, and are some of his best efforts. The strong opener “This Is Tomorrow” starts with Ferry and keyboards before moving into a big, chugging full band arrangement and a wistful chorus: “This is tomorrow callin’/Wish you were here.” When Ferry aims for a calmer mood, rather than stripped-down melancholia, he lets everyone play along. Sometimes the arrangements almost swamp the songs, but “One Kiss'” combination of female backing vocals, sax, and straight-up rock for instance, make it a great woozy, end-of-the-night singalong before the bars close. There are a few blatant misfires — “Tokyo Joe” has the chugging, dark funk/rock beat down cold, but the lyrics play around too much with Asian stereotypes (and let’s not mention the opening gong and all too obvious attempts at “atmosphere” via the strings). On balance, though, In Your Mind remains the secret highlight of Ferry‘s musical career, an energetic album that would have received far more attention as a full Roxy release.


Side one
1.  This Is Tomorrow  (3:40)
2.  All Night Operator  (3:08)
3.  One Kiss  (3:35)
4.  Love Me Madly Again  (7:26)

Side two
1.  Tokyo Joe  (3:55)
2.  Party Doll  (4:32)
3.  Rock of Ages  (4:31)
4.  In Your Mind  (5:18)

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