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February 4, 2017

Isley, Jasper, Isley – Caravan Of Love (1985) – Lp

by Record Facts

Isley-Jasper-Isley was a splinter group of the Isley Brothers formed in 1984 by brother-in-law Chris Jasper (keyboards), Ernie Isley (lead guitar) and Marvin Isley (bass), due to creative differences that arose among the group.













Artist:  Isley, Jasper, Isley
Title:  Caravan Of Love
Year:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Epic Records
Catalog#  EPC 26656

Jasper, a classically trained musician and composer and the key songwriter, producer and arranger of the Isley Brothers music, became the lead vocalist on most of the trio’s recordings, and was also responsible for the majority of the writing and production for the new group. The older Isley Brothers returned to their original vocal trio formation and continued to record, employing a number of musicians, producers and writers to fill the void left by Chris, Ernie, and Marvin.

Spawning the trio’s most recognized recording, the unforgettable love ballad “Caravan Of Love,” IJI’s sophomore album is more ballad-heavy than its predecessor, and features another great, if underrated one in “I Can Hardly Wait,” and overall, this is probably a more vocally robust album. However, in comparing this album to IJI’s brilliant debut “Broadway’s Closer To Sunset Boulevard,” this album is weak in some places where that album is strong. COL’s more uptempo, rock-oriented selections, such as “Dancin’ Around The World” and “High Heel Syndrome,” lack the explosive energy and truly robust feel of BCTSB’s title track and “Kiss And Tell.” Also, “Insatiable Woman,” another one of this album’s ballads, though nice, sounds a lot like the more well-known (and better) Isley Brothers ballad “Choosey Lover.” Overall, not that there isn’t stuff to like about this album, but BCTSB is really the best place to start for the most satisfying IJI experience.

Isley/Jasper/Isley released three albums on their CBS Associated label, including Caravan of Love, which featured the #1 out-of-the-box title hit, written and sung by Chris and subsequently covered by English recording group, the Housemartins, who made “Caravan” an international #1 pop hit.


Side one
1.  Dancin’ Around The World  (6:05)
2.  Insatiable Woman  (5:12)
3.  I Can Hardly Wait  (4:13)
4.  Liberation  (4:28)

Side two
1.  Caravan Of Love  (5:43)
2.  If You Believe In Love  (4:03)
3.  High Heel Syndrome  (5:07)

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