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January 24, 2017

Heart – Dreamboat Annie (1976) – Lp

by Record Facts

Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide. Over the group’s four-decade history, it has had three primary lineups, with the constant center of the group since 1973 being sisters Ann Wilson (lead singer) and Nancy Wilson (guitarist).













Artist:  Heart
Title:  Dreamboat Annie
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  ARTY 139

Dreamboat Annie is the debut album by American rock band Heart. At the time, the band was based in Vancouver, British Columbia; the album was recorded in B.C. and first released in Canada by the local label Mushroom Records in the summer of 1975.
While some songs end up succeeding as hard rock jams, for the most part is just feels too soft to register as a hard rock band along the likes of popular acts of the time like Deep Purple, or AC/DC. Like with its cover, I keep getting this feeling that this album could’ve benefitted a lot had these girls rocked with at least a bit more aggression than they displayed here.
The album cover does far from justice to the album, and instead looks like if Barbara Streisand and Carole King recorded some sh*tty duet album and released it on Valentines Day. The music on the other hand, is actually pretty good, the opening track Magic Man has a nice beat coupled with an impressive guitar solo at the end. Crazy On You is undoubtably the catchiest track off this album, with a rhythmic acoustic guitar melody in the background while the two vocalists sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson show off their rather impressive vocal ranges in the chorus, to the extent where you want to join in when they say:”LET ME GO CRAAAAZY ONNN YOUUU”. But then there’s the folkier like Soul of The Sea or even the title track, which are interesting on their own right, and worth listening to since the Wilson singers are so good at their jobs. White Lightning is another gem in this album, which shows the aggression this band is capable of, leading to a rather bouncy song that shows just what Heart is capable of.
‘Dreamboat Annie’, is a pretty good album, one that strays quite a bit from the abyss of quality that is soft-rock. However, probably due to the folkier aspects, still rocks a bit more soft than I personally would’ve liked. That being said, if you happen to enjoy folk music, hard rock, or female vocals, there is no reason for you not to check this out.


Side one
1.  Magic Man – 5:28
2.  Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) – 1:10
3.  Crazy on You – 4:53
4.  Soul of the Sea – 6:33
5.  Dreamboat Annie – 2:02

Side two
1.  White Lightning and Wine – 3:53
2.  (Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song – 3:20
3.  Sing Child – 4:55
4.  How Deep it Goes – 3:49
5.  Dreamboat Annie (Reprise) – 3:50

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