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January 10, 2017

Gary Wright – The Light Of Smiles (1977)

by Record Facts

Gary Malcolm Wright (born April 26, 1943) is an American singer, songwriter and musician, best known for his role in helping establish the synthesizer as a leading instrument in rock and pop music. Wright’s spent seven years in London as, alternately, a member of the British heavy rock band Spooky Tooth and a solo artist on A&M Records.













Artist:  Gary Wright
Title:  The Light Of Smiles
Year:  1977
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WB 56278

Wright started recording his follow-up to The Dream Weaver in summer 1976, before which Chris Charlesworth of Melody Maker reported that it would be “a logical development” of its predecessor and “again based entirely around what he can do with various types of keyboards”. Titled The Light of Smiles (1977), the album included “I Am the Sky”, for which Wright gave a songwriting credit to the late Indian guru and Kriya Yoga teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda. The latter’s poem “The Light of Smiles”, taken from his book Metaphysical Meditations, appeared on the inner sleeve to Wright’s new album. Wright had acknowledged the guru as his inspiration for the title of The Dream Weaver, and he later said of Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi: “It’s a fantastic book and you won’t want to put it down when you start reading it. Even, not from a spiritual point of view, but as a piece of literature, it’s a total classic …”
Produced again by Wright, The Light of Smiles featured Wright, Foster, Peter Relich and others on a range of keyboard instruments, including Moog, Oberheim and ARP synthesizers, and drumming contributions from Art Wood and Keltner.


Side one
1.  Water Sign   (4:32)
2.  Time Machine   (3:40)
3.  I Am The Sky (Paramahansa Yogananda)   (0:40)
4.  Who I Am   (3:15)
5.  Silent Fury   (4:20)
6.  Phantom Writer   (3:29)

Side two
1.  The Light Of Smiles   (3:26)
2.  I’m Alright   (3:35)
3.  Empty Inside   (3:30)
4.  Are You Weepin’   (4:02)
5.  Child Of Light   (4:56)

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