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December 14, 2016

Eurythmics – 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) (1984) – Lp

by Record Facts

Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the band The Tourists (originally known as The Catch), who split up in 1980; Eurythmics were formed that year in London.













Artist:  Eurythmics
Title:  1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Virgin Records
Catalog# 206680

1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) is a soundtrack album by Eurythmics, their fourth studio album overall, containing music recorded by the duo for director Michael Radford‘s 1984 film Nineteen Eighty-Four, based on George Orwell‘s dystopian novel of the same name. Virgin Films produced the film for release in its namesake year, and commissioned Eurythmics to write a soundtrack.
While it is not billed as an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, this album does contain, as a jacket note indicates, “music derived from Eurythmics.” The original score of the motion picture 1984, it was treated as a side project for marketing purposes, not as Eurythmics‘ full-fledged fourth new studio album. Fair enough. Much of the album is instrumental, and the closest thing to a pop song, “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)” (which was a Top Ten hit in the U.K.), like the other vocal numbers, relates to the movie’s future fiction theme. As such, the album is substandard if judged as an independent Eurythmics album, adequate if judged as a soundtrack.


Side one
1.  I Did It Just the Same  (3:28)
2.  Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)  (3:58)
3.  For the Love of Big Brother  (5:05)
4.  Winston’s Diary  (1:22)
5.  Greetings from a Dead Man  (6:13)

Side two
1.  Julia  (6:40)
2.  Doubleplusgood  (4:40)
3.  Ministry of Love  (3:47)
4.  Room 101  (3:50)

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