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November 6, 2016

Duran Duran – Arena (1984) – Lp

by Record Facts

Duran Duran are an English new wave/synthpop band formed in Birmingham in 1978. The band grew from alternative sensations in 1982 to mainstream pop stars by 1984. By the end of the decade, membership changes and lost popularity pushed the band to near obscurity before a resurgence in the early 1990s as a soft rock act.













Artist:  Duran Duran
Title:  Arena
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI Records
Catalog#  1A 064-260308

To cap off the band’s highly successful 1983/1984 “Sing Blue Silver” World Tour, EMI released a live album, which according to the sleeve was “Recorded Around The World 1984”.
The album featured most of the band’s big hits in a live environment, as well as some album tracks from Rio (1982) and Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983), and a new studio track “The Wild Boys“, which was produced by Nile Rodgers, who had previously remixed the single “The Reflex”, and had been a member of the disco/funk group Chic.
At the time of release, critics were suspicious that the mix was too polished for a live album, as most of the audience was muted. Other criticism arose from the omission of some of the band’s biggest songs like “The Reflex”, “Girls on Film” and “Rio”.
Seeing Duran Duran in concert in 1984 was like seeing a video come to life. The group put on a spectacular show filled with impressive light shows and videos. Since the concerts featured so many visuals, the band could not vary the tempos greatly, resulting in music that nearly replicated the studio versions of the songs. Arena accurately reproduces the sound and feeling of these concerts. Duran Duran sound tight and professional, yet Simon Lebon sounds a little winded, possibly because of all the dancing he had to do during the course of the show.


Side one
1.  Is There Something I Should Know?   (4:34)
2.  Hungry Like the Wolf   (4:01)
3.  New Religion   (5:37)
4.  Save a Prayer   (6:12)
5.  The Wild Boys   (4:18)

Side two
1.  The Seventh Stranger   (5:05)
2.  The Chauffeur   (5:23)
3.  Union of the Snake   (4:09)
4.  Planet Earth   (4:31)
5.  Careless Memories   (4:07)

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