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October 18, 2016

The Ritchie Family – Arabian Nights (1976) – Lp

by Record Facts

The Ritchie Family, an American vocal group based in Philadelphia, achieved several hits during the disco era. The three original members were not related; the group was a creation of Jacques Morali who also formed the Village People.













Artist:  The Ritchie Family
Title:  Arabian Nights
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Philips Records
Catalog#  6412902

Arabian Nights is the second studio album recorded by American female vocal trio The Ritchie Family, released in 1976 on the Marlin label.

When The Ritchie Family released their debut album in 1975, the group hadn’t yet settled on a lineup. So, the legendary Philadelphia backing vocals the Sweethearts of Sigma had taken charge of vocal duties. Now a year later, for their 1976  sophomore album Arabian Nights, The Ritchie Family had three new vocalists, including Gwen Oliver and Cassandra Wooten, who had been members of Honey and The Bees. Joining them were Cheryl Jacks. With this new lineup, the first of five different lineups of The Ritchie Family. Now work could begin on their sophomore album Arabian Nights, which was released in 1976,

Many of the same songwriters who worked onThe Ritchie Family’s debut album Brazil, would write tracks for Arabian Nights. The French songwriting and production team of Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali played their part in the three songs on SIde One of Arabian Nights. They cowrote Baby I’m On Fire and cowrote The Best Disco In Town with Richie Rome and Phil Hurtt. The songwriting team of Henri Belolo, Jacques Morali and Richie Rome cowrote Romantic Love with Peter Whitehead. Side Two of Arabian Nights saw The Ritchie Family draw inspiration from Gloria Gaynor’s 1975 album Never Say Goodbye, with the three songs transformed into a disco medley. This included Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon’s Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Maurice Jarre’s Lawrence of Arabia (More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow) and Albert B. Ketelbey’s In A Persian Market (Show Me How You Dance). These six songs became Arabian Nights, which was recorded in Philadelphia at Joe Tarsia’s Sigma Sound Studios.


Side one
1.  The Best Disco In Town  (6:39)
2.  Baby I’m On Fire  (5:05)
3.  Romantic Love  (5:53)

Side two
   (Arabian Nights (Medley)  (14:26) 
1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)  (4:22)
2. Lawrence Of Arabia (More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow)  (3:57)
3. In A Persian Market (Show Me How You Dance)  (6:07)

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