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September 28, 2016

Mud – Mud Rock (1974) – Lp

by Record Facts

Mud are an English glam rock band, formed in February 1966. Their earlier success came in a pop and then glam rock style, while later hits were influenced by 1950s rock and roll, and are best remembered for their hit singlesDyna-mite“, “Tiger Feet” and “The Cat Crept In“.













Artist:  Mud
Title:   Mud Rock
Year:  1974
Format:  LP
Label:  RAK Records
Catalog#  5C 062-95739

Mud‘s debut album is one of those records that truly sums up a time and a place — in this instance, England in 1974, as glam rock flirted increasingly gregariously with a similarly ongoing rock & roll revival. It was a period, after all, in which Bill Haley returned to the Top 20, Showaddywaddy was threatening to dominate it, and Mud itself had been launching some remarkably convincing Elvis impersonations into the upper echelons of the chart. Mud‘s producers and songwriters, Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, certainly encouraged their charges’ retro pretensions, conceiving both Mud Rock and its successor, Mud Rock, Vol. 2, as all-out party albums, with the band the greatest jukebox in the land. Their own hits are slashed through by vintage covers, while the studio itself was transformed into a dance floor, with Chapman recording the sound of the revelers as a constant background to the music itself. It was, at the time, a frightfully effective device, one that transformed what otherwise might have been a competent selection of hits and covers into one of the wildest nights the town had ever seen. Musically, the critics were unanimous, Mud Rock offered little you’d never heard before, and nothing you weren’t expecting. But the mood, the enthusiasm, and the excitement of the record are irresistible regardless.


Side one
1.  Rocket   (4:32)
2.  Do You Love Me / Sha La La La Lee   (3:12)
3.  Running Bear  (4:19)
4.  The Hippy Hippy Shake   (2:31)
5.  Shake Rattle And Roll / See You Later Alligator  (4:00)

Side two
1.  Dyna-Mite / The Cat Crept In / Tiger Feet (Medley)  (5:03)
2.  The End Of The World   (4:02)
3.  Blue Moon  (2:20)
4.  In The Mood   (3:37)
5.  Bye Bye Johnny   (5:28)

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