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September 23, 2016

Matt Bianco – Whose Side Are You On? (1984) – Lp

by Record Facts

Matt Bianco is a UK band that was formed in 1983. They are mainly known for their success in the mid-1980s and their jazz, Latin-flavoured music.













Artist:  Matt Bianco
Title:  Whose Side Are You On?
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  WEA Records
Catalog#  WX 7 240472-1

Whose Side Are You On? was the first album by Matt Bianco. Released in 1984. r this album, Matt Bianco was a trio of Basia Trzetrzelewska (vocals), Mark Reilly (vocals), and Danny White (keyboards). They were part of a contrary and artistically, almost quite interesting reaction against punk and, more accurately, post-punk. Of that, there is no doubt. The distinctly coffee-table vibe was pretty novel at the time. For that, they should be lauded, along with other first-footers like Sade and even Swing Out Sister. On the other hand, that very aesthetic lends their music a distinct wine bar vibe. Aspirational and, though the band themselves may not be, a rather pointed, almost Thatcherite reaction against the drudgery of the ’70s and early ’80s. Plus the end game for this particular movement was bands like Curiosity Killed the Cat, and that can never be excused.

It’s slick, jazz-inflected with jittery Latin rhythms, polished to within an inch of its life. It’s pleasant and there’s no doubt that the songwriting duo, Mark Reilly and Danny White know their way around a glistening pop hook. Some almost bossa nova rhythms drag tunes like ‘More Than I Can Bear‘ along with fellow band member Basia Trzetrzelewska also providing vocals. It’s considered and in many ways so terribly, terribly polite. It certainly reflects a feeling from the time which was beginning to look outwards. Outwards towards espadrilles, cheap foreign holidays and a rather tamer take on the new romantic look.

This album contains the band’s first five chart UK hits, including “Get Out of Your Lazy Bed“, “Sneaking Out the Back Door”, “Matt’s Mood“, “Half a Minute” and “More Than I Can Bear“. All are sung by Trzetrzelewska and Reilly, except “Matt’s Mood” which is an instrumental.


Side one
1.  Whose Side Are You On? 4:32
2. More Than I Can Bear 4:15
3. No No Never 3:43
4.  Half a Minute 3:49
5.  Matt’s Mood 5:19

Side two
1.  Get Out of Your Lazy Bed 3:28
2.  It’s Getting Late 3:29
3.  Sneaking Out the Back Door 3:46
4.  Riding With the Wind 3:22
5.  Matt’s Mood II 5:15

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