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September 17, 2016

Duo Haay & Paay – Presenteert Fausto Papetti (1976)

by Record Facts

Fausto Papetti (28 January 1923 – 15 June 1999) was an Italian alto saxophone player. His recordings, sometimes under the pseudonym “Fausto Danieli”, are also characterized by album art with sexy women posing half naked. His works have been widely well-known all over the world for the last six decades. He has played the majority of most famous world Hits and pop & jazz songs of 20th century, in 45 years of his career.













Artist:  Duo Haay & Paay
Title:  Presenteert Fausto Papetti
Year:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Basart Records
Catalog#  HF II

Papetti became well known for all the 1960s and 1970s, and all his new album reaches the top of the hit parade; he was also printed in all the Latin American market. During the period of greatest splendour, the 1970s, Papetti also produced two collections a year, the best-selling being the 20th one, which came up first in 1975.

These records are also characterized for the sexy covers. He became a real father of that musical kind, and in the 1970s many imitators appeared, like Johnny Sax or Piergiorgio Farina. He died in San Remo.


Side one
1.  Run To Me   (2:57)
2.  Manha De Carnaval   (2:18)
3.  White Lady   (2:54)
4.  Woman In Love   (3:25)
5.  A.I.E.   (2:38)
6.  Histoire D,O   (3:48)
7.  Alone Again   (3:27)
8.  Caberet   (2:37)
9.  Windmills Of Your Mind   (2:46)

Side two
1.  You Are The First, The Last, My Everything   (3:02)
2.  Aria   (4:20)
3.  TSOP   (3:27)
4.  Dalla Suite No. 3 Di Bach  (2:51)
5.  Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love   (3:53)
6.  Feelings   (3:30)
7.  Poinciana   (2:16)
8.  Love Story   (2:51)
9.  Song Sung Blue   (2:29)

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