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September 6, 2016

Level 42 – The Pursuit Of Accidents (1982)

by Record Facts

Level 42 are an English band, who had a number of UK and worldwide hits during the 1980s and 1990s.

level 42 - the pursuit of accidents












Artist:  Level 42
Title:  The Pursuit Of Accidents
Year:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2383649

The Pursuit of Accidents is the third studio album released by the jazz/funk British musical group Level 42, in 1982. The album features three singles.  “Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?”, “Weave Your Spell” and “The Chinese Way“.

No sophmore slump for this band;Level 42 only expand on their sound on ‘Pursuit Of Accidents’.The album features the same musicians and as with the debut Mike Vernon is the producer.Unlike that first album though the spare,dreamy style of that recording is replaced by a much more busier sound and more uptempo tunes,upping the ante on the funk and jazz ends.”Weave Your Spell” is a great example of this style,starting out on the funkiest note possible and NOT GIVING IT UP for five minutes.The title track is one of those instrumentals that is actually very melodic and vocal and really gives all the musicians a chance to play together;it particularly illustrates what a great drummer Phil Gould is by keeping his sound big and creative but never showy or pyrotechnical,which tends to be a jazz-fusion drumming stereotype. The next three cuts “Last Chance”,”Are You Hearing “What I Hear)? and my favorite “You Can’t Blame Louis” find Level 42 mapping out the sound that would a few years later result in their big hits in the US;the ability to be jazzy,funky and contemporary all at the same time and each are terrific examples.”Eyes Waterfalling” and “The Chinese Way” return to the same spastic funkiness that begins this album and find Mark King further innovations in perfecting the use of the bass guitar more like Bo Diddly used the guitar,a technique begun by Larry Graham a little more then a decade earlier.But Mark’s slap bass style,emphazied heavily on ‘Pursuit Of Accidents’ and often the cornerstone of these songs,are often more rhythmic and drum like then many others.His ability to synthesize many substyles of slap bass into his arsenal is amazing (still is) and ‘Pursuit Of Accidents’ is definately one of those sophmore albums that represent a huge artistic step forward rather then musical stagnation.


Side one
1.  Weave Your Spell  (5:27)
2.  The Pursuit Of Accidents  (7:42)
3.  Last Chance  (4:29)
4.  Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?  (4:56)

Side two
1.  You Can’t Blame Louis  (5:04)
2.  Eyes Waterfalling (The Prodigy)  (5:56)
3.  Shapeshifter  (5:05)
4.  The Chinese Way  (5:51)

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