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August 27, 2016

The Michael Zager Band – Let´s All Chant (1978) – Lp

by Record Facts

Michael Zager (born January 3, 1943, in Passaic, New Jersey) is an American record producer, composer, and arranger of original music for commercials, albums, network television, and theme music for films. He teaches music at Florida Atlantic University. Zager was a member of jazz rock band Ten Wheel Drive from 1968–1973.

michael zager band - let´s all chant












Artist:  The Michael Zager Band
Title:  Let´s All Chant
Year:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  Private Stock Records
Catalog# PVLP 1042

The Michael Zager Band’s “Let’s All Chant” was among the more unorthodox disco hits of 1978. Lyrically the tune was nothing special; “Let’s All Chant” offered the usual disco clichés about dancing and working your body. But musically, Zager‘s single grabbed your attention by combining a disco/funk beat with a European-influenced, oddly baroque (some would say pseudo-baroque) sensibility. “Let’s All Chant” was as infectious as it was quirky, and it made you want to hear what the rest of this debut album by producer/arranger/composer Zager sounded like. Unfortunately, the other songs on this uneven LP fall short of the excellence of the title song. “Freak,” “Music Fever,” and “Love Express” are catchy, if generic, disco items that aren’t as interesting as “Let’s All Chant” but worked well on dancefloors. The only thing on Let’s All Chant that one would want to go out of his/her way to avoid is the corny, ultra-cheesy “Dancin’ Disney,” a disco medley of Disney songs. But this LP has more ups than downs, and it remained in the libraries of many dance club DJs long after its initial release in 1978.

Recognizable by both its vocal hooks and its classical section, which is featured in the middle of the song, “Let’s All Chant” was well received by critics, who have praised its musical arrangement and its catchiness. It was based on an idea originally suggested by former head of A&R Jerry Love after he visited clubs in New York and saw people endlessly chanting “Ooh-ah, Ooh-ah”. Although Zager was first embarrassed when Love asked him to write a song using these chants, he accepted the proposal and later co-wrote “Let’s All Chant” with Fields. Many reviewers regard the song as a classic of the disco era. It also became a turning point in Michael Zager’s career. As well as being used in many TV advertisements and movies, it has become an influential dance song which has been extensively covered or remixed by numerous artists and has been interpolated or sampled in many other tracks.


Side one
1.  Let’s All Chant  (3:07)
2.  Soul To Soul  (5:51)
3.  Love Express  (7:02)

Side B
1.  Music Fever  (6:37)
2.  Freak  (3:20)
3.  Dancin’ Disney (8:01)
(a)  Heigh Ho
(b)  Give A Little Whistle
(c)  Whistle While You Work
(d)  When You Wish Upon A Star

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